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Beers says the truck is sitting upside down in a creek. He says this is a state scenic byway, and is an area that is pretty pristine, with a blue ribbon trout stream, and winter range with grizzly bears, elk, deer. He says it's about as good a place as is left in this world. He says it's just a wonderful place. We have a highway going through here. It's a scenic byway. We had a slide, so we had to come in and fix it. And we had this unfortunate incident on the project. So, we want to get everything out of here, return this to a more pristine state with a highway running through it, of course. He says it allows us to do what we're supposed to do here. It allows the contractor to do what it's supposed to do, which is build a road, reclaim it, get the equipment out of here and turn it back to Mother Nature. He says investigators were in the bottom of the canyon yesterday to look at the equipment. He says they are going to look at it after it comes out of the canyon and will be in a lot of pieces. He says the truck is being loaded on to smaller trucks today. He says it will be hauled, as it's recovered, to Casper, to the contractor's yard. He says he's not sure if they are going to look at it after that. He says the bottom line is that they don't ever want this to happen again. He says it happened under a contractor's watch that has a 50 year safety record that's outstanding. He says this contractor does a lot of work for us, for other government entitites, for private companies. He says they are all about safety. Unfortunately these things happen. He says we are sorry it happened. We're in there and we're doing cleanup, and we're doing what we're supposed to do. He says it's requiring a super human effort with big machines, like this super cool Chinook helicopter to remove the pieces. He says the Chinook helicopter has been in several moives. He says you see the skill of the helicopter pilot. It's flying on a windy day with wind currents in every direction. He says they can lift pieces out up to 20-thousand pounds. He says just the tire off one of these trucks weighs 7000 to 9000 pounds. He says they've already hauled two tires out today, and will be working at least another day. He says they're in it until they're done, so he expects Thursday or Friday they will be done. He says there's some environmental work to finish up. He says this project isn't done yet because they've got to come in, pave this area right where we're standing. Next summer they'll chip seal it. They'll reclaim all these open hillsides. He says they'll fence it off to keep the cattle out to allow the regeneration of this area. He says we're very pleased with the way this project turned out, with outstanding work by the contractor. He says there was a lot of government cooperation between WYDOT, Forest Service, Game and Fish to make this the best project this could be. He says the project was let on May 1st, and two months later the project started. He says six months later we're standing on a rebuilt berm that at one time was one lane of road and a big drop off. He says it makes you pretty proud of where you work. He says people in this area have been pretty understanding, and we appreciate everybody who's been involved in this project. He says the chinook helicopter is cool, but it humbles you to know why they are here. He says if it wasn't for the accident they wouldn't be here, and we'd be in a warmer place right now. He says it's beautiful up here, and from his own perspective, this is his office. He says he's been up here about eight time in the last month. He says everytime he leaves, he gets sadder because this project is almost done. He says it's cold today, but it's a great place to be in the middle of the best place on earth. He says they are using cutting torches, and magnesium bars that they actually use for cutting up railroad cars. He says this company specializes in dealing with train dreailments. He says the workers come from all over the country, and work on doing it safe. He says they are working in a canyon, and working around grizzly bears and mountain lions.

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